June Begins May 29 May 29 September 4 2008

Anoush Abrar & Aimée Hoving — Shahab Fotouhi — Pascal Robert - Ramtin Zad - Shahrzad Hashemi - Melika Shafahi - Peyman Hooshmandzadeh
Crystel Ceresa - Sissi Farassat — Omid Masoumi - Alireza Masoumi - Pooya Aryanpour - Patrick Tschudi - Philippe Zumstein - Marc Rembold
The Laleh June Galerie is pleased to announce the upcoming group exhibition that will bring together works by sixteen Swiss and Iranian born artists, some of whom are working abroad. June Begins May 29 presents an overview of the practices, expressed across different media in a poetic, pop, political, humorous or satirical manner, showing the non-homogenous and varied and homogen trend among current artists. The exhibition will open on May 29, 2008 and continues through September 4.

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